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Daniel S.15.1.2023

Hey Guys, You're doing pretty well here, hope for more! There are several songs just talking to me and that is all I need to like an album like it. Keep on going! Daniel from Albuquerque, NM

Ein Berliner Holländer12.1.2023

Jibt's nüscht zu meckern ... heel mooi ... ga zo mar door ...


I like this kind of melody. and awesome singing voice. I feel super relaxed listening to this album. I am looking forward to your continued success! From your fan in japan.


Congratulations on your album and thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed listening to it and particularly like "Wherever I will lay my head."


Hallo ihr Zwei, sehr guuuute Seite und natürlich wunderbare Musik. Weiter so!

Patrick R4.12.2022

Sehr coole Website!!! Euer neues Album rockt :)!